Saturday, October 24, 2009

10/24/2009 - Ono Island Loop

Launch: Cotton Bayou, Orange Beach
There are a lot of photos from this 6-7 hour trip (about 24 miles). It was beautiful! I've recently added all the Orange Beach Canoe Trail launch sites to the Mobile Area Kayak Launch Sites link. Photo of launch site here: Cotton Bayou.

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1) Got the gumption to see some lights on the water and decided to kayak Cotton Bayou before sunrise. Figured the winds would be calm. The light show was awesome! Then I wanted to kayak around Ono Island and explore the area.

2) The sun started lighting the sky when passing by the Perdido Pass bridge. Be prepared for some current when crossing this area.

3) Never did get to see the sunrise over the water because condos blocked the view - the same fate as most of the residents of Ono Island have.

4) Here comes the welcoming committee. Ono Island is in the background.

5) Osprey Eagle and nest.

6) Even though the temp. was in the 50s and lower 60s today, I was comfortable wearing shorts while pedaling the Hobie Mirage Adventure. Some folks at Tacky Jacks were wearing jackets.

7) First time paddling across the Alabama-Florida state line. Incidentally, for those of you interested in kayaking this area, be advised that currents can be strong. There was a 2-3 mph current in the Intercoastal Canal that I had to negotiate with on the way back.

8) The consequence of mixing a tannin rich stream with clear water.

9) Plenty of buildings to admire in this area.

10) Pelicans.

11) The idiots in the middle east love blowing up their infrastructure and even their own countrymen. If they worked together instead of fighting, they is no telling what they could build and how they could enjoy the fruits of their labor.

12) Someone's nice getaway.

13) The Perdido Pass bridge.

14) Lots of shore birds seen today.

15) Ono Island has several canals in the interior of it to explore. When I exited the canal that comes out on the east side of Bellville Bay, the waters suddenly got rough due to the larger fetch (from Perdido Bay), strong winds from the north, and strong current. It was choppy confused seas for the next 2 miles until reaching Bear Point. Needless to say, it was an exciting ride and I got thoroughly soaked. Didn't risk taking any photos because the waves were too unpredictable.

16) Even thought the sandy environment may be harsh, the beauty of what does grow there is remarkable.

17) The pastel colors of the area are pleasing to the eye.

18) There were a lot of jellyfish in the waters and also along the beaches as shown here. This was one of about nine little islands near Ono Island that you can get out and stretch the legs on.

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