Friday, April 15, 2011

04/15/2011 - Sunset on Dog River

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1) When starting this trip, it was getting dark outside and sunset was still an hour away.

2) Strong winds out of the south, about 15-20 mph, stirred up waves perfect for riding so I played in the waves for a while. Gusts were strong enough to make paddling difficult going against the wind - spray skirt type conditions. Sometimes it is good to test your paddling skills in windy conditions. Drifting in the wind the drift speed was 3.5 mph without paddling.

3) I paddled across Dog River to more sheltered waters and the clouds starting clearing out allowing sight of the sun just before it set.

4) With an approaching cold front reeking havoc in nearby counties, I certainly didn't expect to see a sunset today.

5) It's the math grasshoppers - they are very good at multiplying.

6) Even though the sun had set, it was still shinning on a tall thunderstorm to the west.

7) As I was paddling across Dog River, the sun still highlighted tall clouds. The moon peaked through the fast moving low clouds. During this time, storm sirens could be heard going off from several locations. Tornado Warning for the north part of the county... 

8) Time to get off the water.

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