Saturday, April 30, 2011

04/30/2011 - Dog River Scenic Blueway (Mobile's urban storm water trash dump)

These are photos taken during this mornings paddle on the Dog River Scenic Blueway, north of Dog River Park. The photos speak for themselves.

Mobile has a severe litter enforcement problem. Maybe if the litter fines were increased by tenfold, some of the fine money could be used to pay for more litter law enforcement. Seeing a piece of trash along the shoreline should be the exception, not the rule. We can't live without water and if Mobile continues allowing its watersheds to be contaminated to this extent, in the spirit of Donald Trump, someone should be fired!

Many are of the opinion, it isn't in my back yard, so who cares? Water is our source of life - we can't live without it. When the economy eventually collapses because there is no money to pay government employees due to criminal spending practices by our country's leaders and the water stops flowing from the taps, this could be the water you'll be drinking from to sustain your life.

Header Image

1) Someone missing a road construction marker?

2) See the Sprite bottle?

3) I hate having to paddle through boat fumes.

4) Trash next to a mowed lawn.

5) Scenic Blueway shoreline isn't so scenic.

6) Football anyone?

7) Plastic bottles make up majority of trash.

8) Animals suffer from trash, too.

9) Styrofoam is easily blown from trash containers.

10) Some residents don't clean their shoreline.

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