Monday, April 18, 2011

04/18/2011 - Sunrise on Dog River

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1) Sunrise over Dog River.

2) Pickerelweed flower.

3) Red Winged Blackbird.

4) I'm not familiar with the flowers of this shrub that was lining the bank of Dog River.

5) Dew on a spider web hung between some spike rushes.

6) Dew lined Royal Fern that was quite beautiful seen from behind.

7) Got lucky and snapped an image of this opossum's early morning yawn in my back yard. They were oblivious to my close proximity in the kayak. It sure does look mean with its fangs showing.

8) Shortly after waking up, he proceeded to climb on top of his mate for a little morning whoopee after tenderly nuzzling her. What a morning to forget to bring the camcorder...

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