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04/16/2011 - Dog River Scenic Blueway Dedication

Dog River Scenic Blueway Dedication

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1) The ribbon cutting ceremony for the dedication of the Dog River Scenic Blueway. Liz Smith-Incer (on the right), with the National Park Service, Mississippi Field Office of Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program was the driving force behind this project in conjunction with Dog River Clearwater Revival leadership.

2) Water is precious and vital to life - it is the blood of the Earth. Dedication of Dog River as a Scenic Blueway is a step in the right direction in keeping our local watershed clean and healthy. Most urban waterways struggle to keep their waters clean as these ducks can tell you if they could talk.

3) Several dozen paddlers joined in the celebration and to make it a safe group paddle, there were about a half dozen motorboats easing down the river with the group.

4) Using an umbrella as a sail adds a boost to speed on windy days like today.

5) The weather was about perfect with the right amount of wind, sun, and temperature for everyone to enjoy a laid back paddle from Dog River Park where the Ribbon cutting ceremony was held, to the great River Shack restaurant at the mouth of Dog River which was the destination - about 7 miles downstream.

6) Several dogs were enjoying the day too!

7) A couple of Dog River residents like David and Tom volunteered their time and wharf to be an water and aid station for paddlers.

8) Seeing the size of this fishing bobber leads me to believe there must be some big fish in Dog River. No photoshop trickery here - what the paddler was holding is real.

9) There are also shrimp free for the picking in Dog River.

10) Sunset on Dog River near the Alba Club. I wonder if birds go to the same piling each evening for their nightly rest...

11) They were setting up for a wedding at this residence when we paddled by in the afternoon. Passing by again on the return trip, good music was wafting through the air amid an active wedding crowd partying under a full moon. This wedding had to be a big hit with everyone.

12) On a big moon night like this, I could have paddled till sunrise... What a wonderful day!

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