Saturday, February 18, 2012

02/18/2012 - Eslava Creek and Bolton Branch

(Above image frame from video taken 0.75 miles north of Dog River Park on Dog River.)

Realistically, we're not going to stop litter. How is a 5 year old suppose to know not to throw something out the window while Mom or Dad zooms down the interstate at 70 miles an hour? You don't expect Mom or Dad to slam on the brakes on the interstate, back up, and pick up the trash do you? So, the two choices to deal with the litter are clear.

Choice one: The City and County need to trap, collect, and dispose of the public's illegal litter draining to all the urban tributaries before the litter gets downstream into Mobile Bay. 

Choice two: The City and County need to have work crews out after every heavy rain removing the trash from Mobile's waterways. In my opinion, Mobile's current system of having zero litter traps and zero workers dedicated to removing litter after rains, some of which is HAZARDOUS, is simply unacceptable. How would you like to waterski in this crap?

The saga of Dog River Watershed litter continues. Watch the below video. Is this acceptable in your opinion? Comments are welcome.

It is time to fix Mobile's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) litter problem. This is an election year. Time for Sam Jones to be replaced with someone who cares.

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