Friday, February 03, 2012

02/03/2012 - Moore Creek

I wonder . . if Americans can't deal with visible trash in their water, how can we trust Americans to be careful with the nukes? You can't. Nuclear radioactive waste is already starting to contaminate the ground water in Washington State. For more, Click here.

Check out those jugs!

How about a little toxin in your water?

Game of Tennis with your toxin?

Alabama the Beautiful

Who knows what is in that spray can...

Warning - this product contains chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects...

Look what the dredger digs up from the creek bed - plastic bags. Do you think plastic lining the bottom of all the creeks affects creek bottom permeability which affects groundwater levels?

Where did your bottled water come from, here? They claim tap water is safer than Bottled Water.

Moore Creek

Sure hope all the gas pumps and gas tanks are empty.

What's in your water? Toluene?

Add a little predigested meat to your water?

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