Saturday, February 25, 2012

02/25/2012 - Upper Dog River One Week Later

Header image shows a male and female wood duck. I just got the February issue of Outdoor Alabama which features the 2012 Photo Contest. Why is it you never see photos like these blanketing the cover of that Magazine. Come'on Outdoor Alabama, let people see the real Mobile.

Thought I'd go check out upper Dog River to see what happened to the trash since the rain. Saw this man picking up trash at Dog River Park.

Here is another man picking up litter along his shoreline.

Most people pick up the trash from their yards, but the crap that is in the water just sits there and moves around from wind and tidal influences.

Here is the Mobile Sail and Power Squadron building.

Guess aluminum isn't worth picking up anymore. If aluminum cans were worth a quarter each at a recycling center, these wouldn't be here.

It is just "floatables." Don't worry about what was left in the cans. 

Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments will kill your cancer and make you feel much better.

Here is what property looks like when the owners don't pick up the trash that comes from City, County, State and Federal drainage ditches. You can tell its been a long time since anyone has picked up litter from this property. I feel real sorry for turtles and other animals that get born in this area.

What a crappy view for this Dock owner, eh? That green and yellow soft football on the left says, "Happy Mardi Gras." The City of Mobile cleans the streets after all the Mardi Gras parades so why don't they clean their Mardi Gras crap out of the waterways too?

A Goose and a Muscovy duck. When am I going to put nice photos back on this Blog? When there isn't trash in the viewfinder...which will be as soon the Mayor gets this trash removed. Fat chance on that eh?

The baby looks at all the trash in the water and weeps.

A drainage ditch. That trash came from upstream and got deposited here when the water was higher. Next rain, this trash gets pushed back out into the water.

I bet if someone got a conveyor belt long enough and moved all this trash to the Mayor's yard, that Jonsey would be upset and he'd be setting up video cams to catch the culprit. If the trash isn't okay in someone's yard, then it certainly isn't okay in our water. ADEM isn't doing its job because if ADEM calls these waters clean, someone at ADEM needs their head examined.

But it's only "floatables" and from what I've read, ADEM and the City of Mobile aren't concerned about them. Where'd this oil sheen come from, perhaps those oil containers mixed in with the typical litter loaded delivered to the waterway after heavy rain? Just as BP is accountable for its pollution, Mobile should be accountable for their pollution.

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