Sunday, February 19, 2012

02/19/2012 - Moore Creek

Only on the surface? Hahahah. Header Image is a photo of four aluminum cans under water. Catfish got aluminum or is it only mercury?

Yesterday's rain storm sunk one or more of the pipe floats in Moore Creek. All year long the floating dredge pipe crosses the water blocking the navigable waterway. The dredge boat stays on one side while the pipe goes down the other side due to right-of-way access issues. Anyway, now it is going to cost tax payers more money to refloat the pipe and remove the sunk floats. I think I should inquire with the Coast Guard and Corps of Engineers to see how long the City of Mobile is permitted to block the navigable waterway... Yesterday's rain washed most of the trash that had been along the banks of Moore Creek downstream into Mobile Bay. Moore Creek has less trash now than just a few days ago.

There were still a few trashbergs left. See the dead animal?

Gerald had just caught a catfish on a worm and yes, he's going to eat it. The trash doesn't bother Gerald because the trash is on the surface and the catfish stay on the bottom away from the trash. Okay...whatever you say Gerald.

Mobile hosts the oldest Mardi Gras Festival in the country while adding China's newest trash to Dog River. Here is a Mystic's Of Time spiral football. The good news is Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and Keep Mobile Beautiful have partnered to recycle some of the Mardi Gras beads the festival generates. For the WKRG story, click here.

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