Thursday, October 08, 2009

10/08/2009 - Mifflin Lake

Launch: Cliff's Landing

1) Launch at Cliff's landing is on either of two cement boat ramps or the nearby wood docks. It's a free public launch area.

2) The trip up the Tensaw was tough because current was much swifter than normal. The hour I anticipated it to take to get to the entrance to Mifflin lake took two hours. Current ceases to be a problem once you enter Mifflin Lake which hosts cleaner water and more calmer conditions. Here is the I-65 bridge just above the entrance.

3) It was another one of those hot steamy days.

4) There are several small tributaries to explore in Mifflin Lake, some areas had lots of pollen residue floating on the water.

5) A trip into the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta isn't a trip unless you see some of the the local river dogs.

6) More River Dogs.

7) It was beautiful in Mifflin Lake. Didn't have time to go all the way up - it is a lengthy trip (12 miles one way) and I had gotten a late start.

8) I've seen this wildflower many times but could never get it identified. Finally found a photo of it and it's called Water-hoarhound or Bugle-weed (Lycopus rubellus) of the Mint family.
On the way back, due to the swift currents interacting with winds from the south, the Tensaw River which was calm on the way up got a little choppy. A photo just couldn't show what it was really like on the way back so below is a short clip of the fun I had for 45 minutes. For those with sit-in kayaks - ALWAYS take a spray skirt on this river because conditions can change quickly.

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