Saturday, October 10, 2009

10/10/2009 - Lower Escatawpa River

Launch: Shingle Mill Landing on the Lower Escatawpa River just past the Mississippi line.

1) There are several houseboats at the Shingle Mill Landing area along with an active drinking establishment.

2) Another hot humid day. There is a little bit of current running in the Escatawpa River. In order have it easier on the way back, I headed upstream.

3) One nice thing about the Escatawpa River is if you ever want to get out and stretch the legs, there are a lot of opportunities to do so on sandy bank locations. If you look closely at this photo, you'll see a minnow flying through the air.

4) The I-65 bridge going over the Escatawpa hosts a lot of graffiti.

5) I rounded a corner in the river and thought for a second that there were a lot of birds perched on some limbs.

6) Upon closer inspection, the birds turned out to be decor provided by the local boaters. When you hear a boat coming, you better get out of the way because they might be under the influence of their elegant decor.

7) Speaking of boats, a large one passed by leaving a huge wake. About two minutes later I picked up this disoriented turtle floundering in the water with my paddle. The poor turtle was no doubt a victim of the passing boat.

8) I pedaled over to a nearby log next to the river bank and deposited the turtle on top so it could rest and hopefully recover from its trauma.

9) Went upstream in the Escatawpa as far as Presley's Lake and took a break before returning.

10) Another launch site called Pollock Ferry Landing is about a mile east of Shingle Mill Landing. If you want to see what the Shingle Mill Landing launch site looks like as well as see the rest of the area covered on this trip, click here. There are many oxbows north of I-65 so if you aren't familiar with the river, it can get a bit confusing as to which direction to go. Following the current will keep you on the main river.

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