Friday, October 30, 2009

10/30/2009 - Bayou Sara/Gunnison Creek

Launch: Walter Cofield Park (Saraland)

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1) Walter Cofield Park launch site provides access to Bayou Sara. Due to the winds, I wanted to kayak in some sheltered waters. Saw a lot of wildflowers in bloom on this trip. Waters were a bit high due to the strong southerly winds.

2) The winds were a welcome relief to the warm temperatures and scorching sun.

3) Small wildflower that looked like Elephant's foot (Elephantopus nudatus).

4) Southern Cricket Frogs were jumping all along the banks. Click here for a good site to help identify frogs. This frog wasn't much bigger than a cricket.

5) Took a break near I-65. Picnic tables and a shelter have been added to this area within the last year. Not sure who owns the property or if it is open to the public.

6) Lobelia flowers, species unknown.

7) The water in upper Gunnison Creek gets clear when sunlight can penetrate the tree canopy.

8) White tufts of something growing from bird or animal scat on a tree trunk leaning across the creek.

9) Tall pinebarren milkwort (Polygala cymosa).

10) Joe-pye weed (Eupatorium) species unknown.

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