Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/15/2009 - Gas Line Canal

Launch: Steele Creek Lodge
The above launch site is a link that you can click on. I've recently started linking launch sites to a birds-eye view of it (when available) via Bing Maps. It gives you a nice view of launch site.

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1) The morning started out with a bit of fog and drizzle. It didn't take long for the sun to start burning through the fog.

2) Another hot day without much wind.

3) Think your life has a lot of obstacles in it? Obstacles are a fact of life. It could be worse - you could be an insect with wings - look what they have to deal with. Most of the spider webs are usually invisible but on this foggy morning, they are easy to see.

4) If you look closely at this Golden Rod flower, you can see a lot of little worms eating the yellow flowers.

5) I wanted to explore the Gas Line Canal today, one of many in this area. This particular canal cuts across the Delta all the way over to near Hurricane Landing. Not sure if the canal is clear all the way across. If it is, it's a 8 mile trip one way to Hurricane Creek. I only did about half of it.

6) After seeing the gas line intertwined along the bases of trees, you got to wonder how long the pipe fittings will last before failing due to rust or forced movement from the growing trees.

7) Berries are abundant along the edges of the banks right now. Nothing seems to be eating the Palmetto berries.

8) Alabama supplejack is another plant full of berries.

9) The color of the fungus on some of the rotting trees was brilliant gold.

10) This is the bridge over Big Bayou Canot.

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