Sunday, January 31, 2010

01/31/2010 - Dog River

Launch: Dog River Park

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1) There was almost two dozen loose tires along a 100 foot stretch of shore. If this is someone's idea of erosion control, that's sad. The tires are nothing but a mosquito farm.

2) Here is a boat ramp next to a drainage ditch that can't be used due to sedimentation. As Dog River fills up with sediment from illegal storm erosion, the river has less capacity to store water. Boats become more limited as to where they can go. Because the river is filled up with sediment, when there is a big rain event, flooding will be worse than it should be. Eventually the river has to be dredged which is a costly task.

3) River trash like this certainly limits water flow and traps more sediment. 

4) It is almost impossible to paddle this river without taking a photo of some wildlife surrounded by very sad.

5) Dog River isn't all bad. Here is a red maple flower. Note the twig is covered with scale insects.

6) Alabama Marine Police was running a pretty big boat up Dog River.

7) Two brown pelicans had their mouths open. Check out the veins.

8) White pelicans standing in shallow water - another sign of sedimentation.

9) On a brown and grayish day, this colorful shrub growing out of the root ball of a tree laying down, brightened the day.

10) Oddly, a blackbird flew up and chased off this Osprey Eagle.

11) A great blue heron.

12) A duck was talking her partner's ear off. It must have worked because I can't see the ear any more.

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