Wednesday, May 02, 2012

05/02/2012 - Big Creek Lake Pollution

This was not a kayak trip - just documenting pollution in Mobile's drinking water supply - Big Creek Lake.

The top sign reads, "NOTICE: DRINKING WATER SUPPLY AREA WILL BE CLOSED IF NOT KEPT CLEAN." People don't appreciate what they have until they lose it. 

Whoever erected the sign should honor the message and shut the area down since it is obviously not clean. Since some of the trash is coming from passing motorists, shut down US Hwy 98 as well and that will put an end to the littering along this stretch of Big Creek Lake.

Erosion on both north sides of Hwy 98 at Big Creek Lake is causing turbid discharge into the Mobile Area drinking water supply. 

ALDOT got in big trouble for their erosion leading to sediment discharges into Big Creek Lake. Why is no one doing anything about this roadside erosion?

There is definite contrast in water color here. This turbid water is coming from the driveway on the northwest side of the Hwy 98 Big Creek Lake crossing (see photo 4).

There is dense muddy water flowing out of Long Branch creek - source of the erosion unknown.

Standing on the US Hwy 98 bridge looking north toward Big Creek the turbid water coming from Long Branch is quite distinct. Yum. Your drinking water now is the color of creamy coffee.

Standing on the US Hwy 98 bridge looking south at Big Creek Lake. Mobile's drinking water is getting muddy.

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