Monday, May 14, 2012

05/14/2012 - Upper Dog River

If the City of Mobile wants me to stop taking photos of the trash in the State Waterways, all they have to do is get the trash removed.

A stuffed frog.

See the rabbit? Trash from storm water litter often gets deposited well into private property during higher water levels. This is not like a motorist tossing out a single plastic bottle on someone's property. This is like someone emptying entire trash cans on your lawn, and in this case, that someone is the owner of Bolton Branch and Eslava Creek. The owners of those ditches should be fined $432 for each piece of trash they put on private property.

Can't really see anything due to the distraction of trash.

Can't really see anything due to the distraction of trash.

No change in Upper Dog River. What you see in these photos is what is there today.

No change on the shoreline of Dog River Park. This is a City of Mobile Park and look how well they keep the shoreline clean. Someone should be fired.

Nothing is being done to remove litter from waterways.

Did not see any wood ducks today, but here is the obligatory photo of a duck with trash in the background, a rather easy photo to get in Dog River.

Not what a home owner looks forward to seeing on their shoreline.

A kayaker was fishing during sunset.
Meantime, enjoy your Alabama seafood which may come from Mobile's waterway trash dumps. Watts-a-matter? No money? Leaders need to put their petty politics aside and pass a big tax increase to pay for the army of people necessary to pick up after America's pigs. If the pigs start squealing about the new tax, tell them the tax will go away when their littering stops.

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