Friday, May 11, 2012

05/11/2012 - Demopolis Vacation (2 of 3)

Vacation Paddle Trip - 3 days/2 nights in Demopolis, AL
Camp: Foscue Creek Park (US Army Corps of Engineers)
Launch: Demopolis City Landing
Destination Day 2: Explore Daub's Swamp and some of the areas along the Black Warrior River north of Demopolis, AL.
Distance: 24 Miles
Weather: Sunny, light winds with occasional gusts, 80s during the day, 60s at night.
Caution Note: Currents were negligible. Wind can be a factor on the open waters of the Tombigbee River and Black Warrior River. Water levels may vary significantly. You might want to check out the river guage in Demopolis before kayaking: Trip Track: To see or download the track of this trip, Click Here.

Header image is a photo of a cypress tree swamp.

By sunrise I was already on the water in the kayak exploring backwaters near the Demopolis Marina. There was a slight fog hovering over the water.

When the welcoming committee Geese come out to greet everyone, you know it is going to be a good day to paddle.

Wild pigs can make a racket along the shorelines as they snort at each other.

Wood Ducks. There is no telling what you might see while paddling in the backwaters of the Demopolis State Wildlife Management Areas. No trash in the background of these photos.

The variety of scenery was amazing. The sun hitting the water at the right angle caused odd coloration of the surface due to microscopic pollen or algae which could not be seen when paddling through it.

Some backwater creeks had stone wall banks.

The US Hwy 43 bridge over Black Warrior River.

A much smaller bridge.

A turtle getting some sun on the edge of a dense forest of cypress trees.

This turtle was enjoying the sun on a sandy bank. I was enjoying the sun from the Kayak.

There were some flowers still blooming. This looked like a Cherokee Rose.

A Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly showing off its blue colors.

Some of the most beautiful areas are in the backwaters off the Black Warrior River.

I paddled up on a deer while gliding through this dense canopy of trees. Based on the moss on the tree trunks, this area sees seasonal flooding with water levels getting much higher.

A spray painted sign on the concrete wall above the White Bluff river bank says, "Welcome 2 Da River." Thanks - You have a wonderful place here in Demopolis!

A photo of the Black Warrior River from where I took a break.

Relax while you paddle and look around. Bring out the binoculars. Things are watching you from the shoreline and waiting.

Be careful - some critters may not be watching you and you might not want to surprise them. This was a harmless water snake. Not all snakes are harmless.

Demopolis has a nice shoreline trail along the Tombigbee River. Someone had a good vision when they designed and built this waterfront park. It is really a nice place and is big enough to host larger events at the nearby park. No homeless people are camped out here like you would see in Mobile's waterfront park.
One of two launch ramps at the Demopolis City Landing. This is the one I launched from.

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