Sunday, May 27, 2012

05/27/2012 - Three Mile Creek Watershed

Header image is the obligatory photo of ducks with shoreline trash in the background.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I thank those heros who sacrificed their life so that we in America have the freedom to turn our waterways into trash and chemical dumps. Government has contaminated our groundwater with Perchlorate, among other chemicals. Ever wonder why there are more Drug stores on street corners than grocery stores? Greedy Corporations are expecting there to be a lot of sick people. Apathy about water pollution makes them happy.

A green heron stands in Three Mile Creek as the sun rises.

Thankfully nature produces a plush bank of wildflowers flowers that hides most the trash during the summer months.

Coreopsis tinctora flowers droop into the water.

Huge shrubs of mint like flowers grow along the bank of Three Mile Creek.

The reason why there is no trash in the background in this bird photo is this was taken in old Three Mile Creek, currently clogged by vegetation so litter is rare in this area. Unfortunately, local biologists want to unclog old Three Mile Creek and once that happens it will receive litter from Three Mile Creek canal.

Trash in Maple Street Canal continues to fill up the waterway. This water is connected to your drinking water supply via ground water. You can ignore the rotting garbage in this downtown Mobile waterway forever but you can't ignore the negative consequences it may have on your body, or your children's bodies. 

A blackbird looked like it was hunting insects hiding in the water spangle and duckweed.

Great birding in the Three Mile Creek watershed right now as the birds are tending their young. A yellow crowned night heron can be seen in a nest overhanging the garbage filled creek.

Closer view of the yellow crowned night heron with its babies.

 I think this is a young green heron.

A couple of black crowned night herons with one of its babies.

Cute baby little blue herons peeking through the leaves.

Dragonfly intimacy aka sex on the fly.

There are times while kayaking that plastic trash causes a second look due to its shape and location. This piece of garbage was worthy of a photo.

Eyes be seeing you later.

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