Thursday, May 24, 2012

05/24/2012 - Dog River

Header image is a photo of baby Muscovy ducks. One of them looks like it received a head injury.

The City of Mobile refuses to remove the shoreline trash at Dog River Park. Sure wish I could afford to idle my car while taking a lunch break like these City of Mobile employees are doing in their City truck. They City of Mobile apparently has plenty of gas to waste.

That City of Mobile truck parked on the grass (see photo #1) was breaking the City of Mobile Code, which isn't even correctly identified on the sign. But I guess it does not matter because there are so many rules that the City of Mobile can't even get their Municipal Code numbers right much less enforce any of them. Mobile needs new leadership. Get the Jones out of Mobile!

Mobile is facing a budget crisis and is already saving big bucks by ignoring the trash in the water so why not just shut down public works entirely and save even more money? Let everyone in Mobile live in their own trash like they are forcing some waterway residents to do.

The herons take it one day at a time.

A great egret.

A Muscovy duck with several baby chicks behind it. Welcome baby chicks to Mobile, just ignore the trash like the City of Mobile, the County of Mobile, the State of Alabama and the Federal Government does.

School must be out for the summer as there were quite a few young people out on the water today, some of who were in kayaks.

How did Dog River get its name? There must have been a Dog involved.

Some of the youngsters were being towed by power boats. Who is the best knee boarder?

How do you cool your butt off on a hot day in May? Ahhhh.

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