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06/02/2012 - Mississippi State Games Kayak Races

Header image is where the kayakers started to line up for the beginning of the race. Stan was racing his new white Epic V10 Sport surf ski for the first time and he was fast!

The 2012 Mississippi State Games Kayak Races were held at Henderson Point Park in Pass Christian, MS this year and was run by Kim and Alicia who did a great job putting together a nice race and awards ceremony.

Racers placed their kayaks near Mallini Bayou where the races began and ended. The short race (approx 2 miles) stayed in Mallini Bayou. The longer race (approx 4-1/2 miles) looped north out of Mallini Bayou into Bay St. Louis and went back into Mallini Bayou on the south side. (Map)

The Mississippi State Games had a SUP classification (Stand Up Paddleboard) and four SUP racers participated. I can see why stand up paddleboarding is becoming popular - good for the abs. No canoe racers participated today.

This kayaker had a Cobra Surf Ski with an interesting wave deflector nose which I'd never seen on a kayak before. It is built to handle the surf zone and ride the waves. The wide nose helps prevent the nose diving underwater which can be hazardous when the wave behind you is pushing. There was very little wind today meaning no waves.

We were congregating near the shoreline to hear the safety briefing for the long race.

That long yellow kayak is a Stellar Surf Ski but I'm not sure what model. The longer and narrower the kayak, the faster it can be paddled, if you don't tip over because the narrower the kayak, the more tippy it is. The young lady in the sharp looking yellow/red kayak is racing a Current Designs Suku.

With very little wind racers were hot after the 4.5 mile race and some took a dip in Mallini Bayou to cool off. That is a Necky Looksha 17 the guy has his legs wrapped around. The Looksha 17 is my favorite paddleboat (mine is yellow) because it is stable, fairly fast, and it will handle some big waves.

The little shelter at Henderson Point Park provided welcomed shade for the awards ceremony. It didn't matter what kind of kayak you raced in or on, almost everyone who participated walked away with a medal. Its a fun event.

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