Friday, June 08, 2012

06/08/2012 - Rattlesnake Bayou

Header Image - Swamp lilies are blooming up in Rattlesnake Bayou making it a good kayaking destination right now.

I pedaled toward Rattlesnake Bayou to see if any Manatees had showed up yet. A small rain storm was just forming. That's okay - I had the umbrella.

It is cool as hell to kayak in a heavy rain. This storm grew quickly and dumped a lot of rain.

One of the balloons said, "Welcome Home." Besides littering waterways, floating metallic balloons are noted for causing power outages when they get caught in power lines.

After the heavy rains were over, I checked upper Rattlesnake Bayou for "Floatables" aka urban storm water trash. Thankfully there wasn't very much trash in the water. However, muddy water was coming from one Rangeline Road ditch. I hope muddy water doesn't bother manatees.

Over near Halls Mill Creek it looked like the Osprey Eagle family was lucky. Lightning struck a tree next to their nest the other day and shredded it. Bet that scared the heck out of those birds.

Obligatory photo showing a wood duck with nearby trash in the photo - this was taken in Moore Creek.

The back yard of this ugly house along Halls Mill Creek continues to be a source muddy water sediment pollution.

Moore Creek was pretty muddy today.

Trash coming down Moore Creek was sporadic and thankfully not dense.

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