Tuesday, June 05, 2012

06/05/2012 - Lower Dog River Sunrise Pedal

Header image is the obligatory photo of a bird with trash in the background. Since shoreline garbage is so common in Mobile area waterways, it is easy to get trashy wildlife photos and it should not be that way. I continue to post such photos to highlight the worsening public litter problem and the fact that no agency or public works department removes the trash once it reaches the water. Mobile's mission statement says, "...assuring all of our citizens a CLEAN, safe, economically viable and progressive city that is responsive to changing needs." If I can easily get photos of wildlife with trash in the background, then someone in a position of authority need to start firing current leaders who are allowing this pollution to continue on their watch.

Pre-sunrise hues on lower Dog River.

A new buoy has been set to replace the old one that fell apart and sunk.

There were several people fishing from their kayaks near Mobile Yacht Club out in Mobile Bay.

Kayak Fishing in Mobile Bay.

Momma Clapper Rail was grooming its baby.

A black-crowned night heron.

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