Wednesday, June 06, 2012

06/06/2012 - Upper Dog River

Header image is a photo of a snake that I love to see - a Speckled Kingsnake. By the time I got the camera ready, its head was already underground and it slithered out of sight. Speckled kingsnakes are non-poisonous and should never be killed. They eat poisonous snakes.

No change along the shoreline of Dog River Park - the park is still full of trash and people were still driving on the grass.

No change up near Interstate I-10 - the area is still teeming with floatables.

Obligatory photo of water fowl with trash in the background.

There are lots of geese in upper Dog River and they leave a trail of poop.

Two gentlemen were fishing for Brim in Bolton Branch at the end of Goodman Avenue (public right-of-way). Note the trash on the bank which the fishermen ignore.

Wood Duck.

If you think there is a lot of trash on the roadsides, you should kayak in upper Dog River.

Popcorn tree leaves. Dog River would be a good place to study mosquitoes because they are known to breed in trash vessels.

A box turtle struggling to get out of the water or maybe it was eating styrofoam.

John Bell (appointed executive director of the City of Mobile public works) said, "The city already does most of what is required by its (ADEM) permit to keep trash out of the stormwater system, largely through education campaigns." Bell said the city is not responsible to monitor "Floatables." That's Okay John Bell, I'm monitoring the Floatables and based on what I see, you sir, should be fired.

Do you see the Resurrection Fern and Trumpetcreeper?

The proper way to get rid of electronic equipment is to recycle it, not throw it in the water. Cathode ray tubes are Hazardous to the environment. Seeing electronic equipment in Dog River is, unfortunately, quite common.

There were quite a few of these 4 inch fish seen today, floating belly up. Fish kills have been common lately.

I also saw a few larger fish belly up, like this Gar. Quoting local news, "Officials told Local 15 News it's a natural thing (Fish Kills) and happens every so often." I bet if it was humans dropping dead in large numbers that officials wouldn't call it natural. Speaking about fish, this Saturday, June 9th, is FREE fishing day in Alabama. Anything to encourage people to go out and kill more fish. If you decide to eat the fish you catch, don't forget to review what to avoid in the Alabama Fish Consumption Advisory Guide and read the Fish Consumption Info because this is Alabama and in case you hadn't noticed, there is a whole lot of pollut'en go'en on.

Spiderwort Flowers in bloom on the river bank. The new beer cans with the screw on caps don't sink if the cap is screwed on when the driver under the influence tosses it out his or her car window. That might be a good thing if less aluminum cans sink into the creek bed. As long as disposable containers have no value, there will be no reason to remove them from the environment or creek.

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