Friday, October 16, 2015

Dauphin Island

Conditions were right yesterday for a double Mobile Bay crossing. Been two years since I kayaked Dauphin Island. What a wonderful place and the beaches were almost litter free.

Friendly Dolphins

Little Jellyfish

Clear waters along Fort Morgan

Perfect conditions for kayaking from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan and back.

The end of Sand Island

Birders Area


The ever changing sands of Sand Island

Sand Island

Succulent wildflower growing in the sand

Beached Jellyfish

Dauphin Island condos and stranded fishing pier.

Big changes going on at the East end of Dauphin Island that may affect kayak launching.

End of Sand Island. Lighthouse and ship in the background. 

Peregrine Falcon is a bird you do not see often but you can find them on Sand Island


  1. Peregrine falcons? Never knew! What are they doing on the east end?

  2. Eating birds. Dauphin Island is a migratory bird stop.

    1. No, I meant the dredging work, silly....

  3. Rebuilding the beach and moving the protective rock jetties that used to be perpendicular to the beach to parallel to the beach.


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