Friday, October 16, 2015

Gilliard (Pelican) Island

Conditions were perfect for a couple mile crossing of open Mobile Bay waters over to Gilliard Island.

Gilliard's Island looks small but the man-made dredge spoils island is about 6 miles in perimeter.

I call it Pelican Island for an obvious reason.

If you ever want to see thousands of pelicans, paddle around Gilliard Island on a calm day.

If you're lucky a big ship will pass closely in the ship channel while you are on the east side of the island. I missed a close encounter with this ship by about half an hour.

Pelicans Galore.

Standing room only for pelicans along the rocks which surround the entire Island.

It is a surreal paddling experience to be around so many pelicans.

Always a fascinating ship to see is the Deep Blue.

Another big ship in the Theodore Industrial Canal near where I launched in North Fork Deer River.


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