Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dog River Litter Woes Continue

So, how did the City of Mobile's new $660,000 litter trap do in keeping Dog River clean? I took a paddle up Dog River today to investigate and report.

Apparently the rain did not come down hard enough and long enough to propel all the City of Mobile's Eslava Creek storm water litter all the way to the Stormwater System's litter trap. The photo above shows trash a few hundred feet above the litter trap whose boom can be seen in the background. For this kayaker the trash polluted Eslava Creek scenery is still ugly as hell!

Polluted shoreline of Dog River Park downstream of the litter trap.

There is so much broken up styrofoam along the shoreline of Dog River Park it looks like snow.

The wetlands in front of the River Landing Condos are rather trashy. The Condos are downstream of the litter trap.

Another view of the River Landing Condo's property. This Condo shoreline trash pollution is not the result of the litter trap failing to work. Nope. As water levels rose high enough to free up the nearby trash in the wetlands (already downstream of the litter trap), which gets ignored year after year, the strong winds out of the southeast blew the loose floatable trash onto the Condo property.

So, to me the installation of a big new litter trap has NOT resolved the City of Mobile's storm water pollution problem in Dog River. Just look at what River Landing Condo owners still get to see after a windy rainstorm.

Yup, when the water levels go high and the wind blows it leaves a distinctive trash ring around some Dog River shorelines. Owning waterfront property along Dog River's trash zone can be a significant burden when it rains heavy or storms.

Lovely huh?

Nope, I still see no improvement in the trash polluted Dog River and Eslava Creek despite a Litter Trap. This photo taken just downstream of Dog River Park.

The problem has to be addressed before there can be improvement. What is the problem? No one is employed to remove the City of Mobile's MS4 trash from where pollutes the shorelines. I saw no one working to remove any of the trash except for a few residents.

It is amazing how quick the powers that be get the storm trash and debris removed from an affected road but when it comed to removing storm trash from an affected waterway the pollution is ignored.

Welcome to Mobile where the City leaders are taking the lead role in seeing how much litter the community can put in the Alabama public waterways in violation of the federal Clean Water Act.

Storm Water Trash Polluted Sanitary Sewer Right-of-Way. Who will clean it up? This trash has been ignored for YEARS.

Storm Water Trash Polluted Railroad Right-of-Way. Who will clean it up? This trash has been ignored for YEARS.

Storm Water Trash Polluted ALDOT Right-of-Way. Who will clean it up? This trash has been ignored for YEARS.

Dog River Wetland. Is this acceptable? What do you think?

Nope, the Dog River Watershed scenery does not seem to be changing.

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