Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fowl River

No one has ever asked why Fowl River is not on my radar of trash polluted waterways in Mobile County. I paddled 22 miles in Fowl River yesterday. The amount of shoreline trash seen would have fit in a single garbage bag. In Dog River or Bayou La Batre, you can pick up a large bag of trash from just 15 feet of shoreline in some places. No need to complain about a waterway trash pollution problem if it does not exist.

Had to go back in my log to see when the last time I paddled in Fowl River was. It was shocking to see it was over 4 years ago. It seemed like yesterday. The same old vulture hangout was occupied. The water was clear enough to see fish in it from Memories Fish Camp down several miles to almost Bellingrath Gardens. The old artesian well was still trickling water.

Fowl River is one relatively trash free river. You can go miles at times without ever seeing a single piece of trash. In a clean river one can enjoy the surrounding scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed today's paddle not wanting it to end.

Missing from the Fowl River scenery was loads of shoreline trash. Missing from the Fowl River scenery were any sunken boats between Memories and Hwy 188. Missing from the Fowl River scenery was any falling apart wharfs or boat docks in ruins. 

Kudos to the Fowl River community for taking care of their watershed! Here are some photos from the paddle.

False Foxglove or Purple Gerardia

Calm waters of beautiful upper Fowl River

Waters clear enough to see fish swim by.

Bellingrath Gardens boardwalk

Fowl River Paddle Trail

Slick reflective waters

Holiday spent fishing by some

Cottonmouth lurking in the needle rush

Turkey vulture

Unique open-air honey bee hive pointed out by Bob Andrews. I paddled by the hive earlier in the morning and never saw it. Thanks Bob!

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