Monday, October 26, 2015

South Fork Deer River

South Fork Deer River is one of only a few waterways in Mobile County you never hear me bitching about for being polluted with trash. Why not?

First, it is outside the City of Mobile jurisdictional limits. Secondly, it has no major State road crossings. Thirdly, it is in a rural area lacking any major storm water drainage system. Because of those reasons one can paddle the relatively short South Fork Deer River and see almost no shoreline trash. If there is no trash pollution to document there can be no complaints.

Much of South Fork Deer River's shoreline is salt marsh grasses.

There are some strange things to see on the horizon.

Quiet backwaters of upper South Fork Deer River.

One of the two bridges you will pass under.

This is one way to make a private boat launch canal off limits to public boat and kayak traffic.

Crazy Coot paddling in the river.

One of the ships you might see while crossing the trash polluted Theodore Industrial Canal  to get to the entrance of South Fork Deer River.

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