Sunday, November 01, 2009

11/01/2009 - Gunnison Creek

Launch: Steele Creek Lodge Park

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1) John, in his nice current designs kayak (Storm) braved the cold north winds and came out on the last minute club trip I decided to lead.

2) Some coot scooted across the water. Saw a lot of large birds on this trip including great blue herons, hawks, and a huge buzzard spreading it's wings. No cows or otters out today.

3) Getting ready to go under the I-65 bridge. By now the winds were gone. 

4) Took a snack break at an nice unknown park. City GIS indicates the property is owned by an individual so even though there is a "no lifeguard on duty" sign which makes it look like a public park, it may not be a pubic park.

5) Cypress tree needles were golden brown.

6) In contrast, these trees along the cement shore were deep green.

7) North of I-65 the waters narrowed, the sun disappeared and we started to negotiate with a little current.

8) When the creek is narrow and the canopy is low enough that the paddle can hit limbs, one has to keep a vigilant eye out for small insects to be respected. The waters were low today and we had to stop the paddle short due to one log completely crossing the creek.

9) The sun was in our eyes a little on the way back. We did about 9 miles today averaging about 3 mph. It was a most enjoyable trip with perfect weather. Thanks John!

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