Sunday, December 06, 2009

12/06/2009 - Fowl River

Launch: Fowl River Marina
Destination: The Narrows

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1) Bellingrath Gardens Grotto.

2) Bright sunny day.

3) The Narrows which connect East Fowl River to West Fowl River.

4) An all too common sign seen on some of this area's streams. Click here for a PDF file explaining more about what waterways have fishing advisories and why.

5) Looks like this pelican has caught a fish.

6) A shrimp boat washing some sort of container contents overboard which attracted several pelicans.

7) Kingfisher that followed me for about two miles.

8) This unusual roof on what was formerly a Bed and Breakfast (now for sale), tapers down to a point.

9) As the golden sunset nears, a pelican gets ready to roost for the night. 

10) Sunset on Fowl River with the Dauphin Island Parkway bridge in the background.

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