Saturday, December 19, 2009

12/19/2009 - Bay Minette Creek & Basin

Launch: Buzbees

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1) Despite a small craft advisory, conditions on Bay Minette Creek were great.

2) Did some exploring up side creeks.

3) Went up the side creeks about as far as a kayak can go until the vegetation got to thick to paddle through.

4) To get up those creeks, it did require paddling through grasses and shallow waters.

5) The shadow is waving at you and saying, "Happy Holidays!"

6) Ahh, another sunset nears.

7) Sunset over Bay Minette Basin.

8) I've seen large flocks of migratory birds overhead before but never was I in the landing area for such a flock, until this evening. There was a non-stop wave of red-winged black birds flying overhead with many of them dropping out of the sky and disappearing into the grasses. The noise from the birds was loud and I was only on the edge of their landing zone. Watch the video below in HQ for a quick clip of what I experienced for over half an hour. Some of the birds came close to hitting me and the whole experience left me with goosebumps. The steady stream of birds was still flying in when I decided it was too dark and cold to stay out there any longer. I wonder what a hundred thousand birds eat...

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