Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/10/2009 - Big Island Loop

Launch: River Docs
Destination: Search for missing hunters.

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1) There were a lot of boats, helicopters and planes involved in the search for the two missing hunters today. I decided to help out by doing a counter clockwise loop around Big Island. Despite the somber objective, I managed to enjoy a beautiful paddle.

2) Bay John was out of the wind, calm and the waters were very shallow (less than a foot).

3) This cover of Coots was one of many seen today.

4) On Blakeley River I caught the full force of the 20 mph winds and had to fight the current going upstream. The wind was so strong I had to feather the paddle and put on a spray skirt. Waves were slapping the kayak at 45 degrees generating a cold spray that soaked my right side. Time to get that nice Stearns breathable rain jacket from Walmart for 29 bucks...

5) White Ibis were crab hunting.

6) In Ducker Bay there were some trees with a little foliage left on them.

7) An Osprey Eagle having a bad hair (feather) day. Those talons sure look sharp.

8) Some egrets and herons were having a gathering.

9) Sunset over Pass Picada with the Oyster House restaurant in the background.

10) Sunset not far from the launch site.

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