Tuesday, December 08, 2009

12/08/2009 - Dog River Trash Dump

Launch: Dog River Park

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1) Happy Holidays from Dog River.

2) The sign near the boat ramps talks about being responsible for trash and "Keep America Beautiful." Welcome to the Dog River Toilet Dump, in the jurisdiction of Mobile County Commissioner President Mike Dean, District 3. Some of the trash may come from other districts as well.

3) I'd be seriously upset if I owned a million dollar home on Dog River and this was my view. 

4) Mobile has some serious problems with trash collection. Whoever is in charge of collecting trash now should fired.

5) The trash doesn't seem to bother the birds and herons although, in their little minds, they must think humans are real pigs.

6) Where does all the trash come from? One example is this over filled dumpster at Michael's Lounge right on the edge Bolton Branch which feeds directly into Dog River. Loose trash is blowing from the dumpster onto the ground and directly into the Dog River Trash Dump.

7) This big heron waits around in hope of getting a handout from fishermen. 

8) Saw a lot of Loons today in the remarkably clear water of Dog River. Didn't see any signs of sediment erosion plumes today and that is good.

9) This is Scenic Yacht Basin where there was a nasty fire back in September that did about a million dollars of damage.

10) This is one of the luckier yachts.

11) Winds were about 10 mph with gusts to 20 mph this afternoon. There was a small craft advisory so I stayed away from open Bay waters today. The Hobie Mirage Adventure handled the gusts like a champ.

12) Waves were manageable. It actually got rather warm today - in the 70s, so this was a enjoyable trip, in December, in shorts and bare feet. That's why I live along the Gulf Coast!

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