Wednesday, December 09, 2009

12/09/2009 - Gravine Island

Launch: Buzbee's
Destination: Somber trip to help search for the Missing Hunters

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1) This flower is called Bur-Marigold or Marsh Beggar Tick.

2) The seeds of Marsh Beggar Tick flower sticks to whatever brushes up against the them because the two needle like appendages have barbs on them.

3) The morning fog quickly lifted and the sun came out. Then a small cloud line passed which stirred up the winds.

4) The sun quickly came out after the cloud line passed and it remained sunny the rest of the afternoon with temperatures in the mid 70s.

5) A river shack just north of Gravine Island.

6) The bluff just south of Cloverleaf Landing has some distinct changes in the soil layers.

7) Coot, a white heron or egret, and an Osprey, all in the same photo.

8) The 225 bridge over Bay Minette Creek.

9) The seed pods of Water Hyacinth float high in the water.

10) The innards of a Water Hyacinth seed pod showing it is made up mostly of air sacs which is why it floats so well.

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