Monday, December 21, 2009

12/21/2009 - Dauphin Island

Launch: East end of Dauphin Island

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1) Opted to kayak Dauphin Island today because the seas were suppose to be calm. Was immediately greeted by the welcoming committee. 

2) I love kayaking at Dauphin Island.

3) Did you hear what one pelican said to the other? "Duck." You quack me up with these fowl jokes!

4) The Fort Morgan - Fort Gaines ferry is running. Waters were slicked off in Billygoat Hole.

5) Sand dollars are big business. Due to inflation, one this size is only worth about 15 cents - hardly worth a dollar. For more facts on sand dollars, click here.

6) Thanks go to Jessica's Nature Blog for helping me with this one. These tubes are made by marine bristle worms. The beach was littered with them.

7) We all know life can be difficult sometimes. Same in the animal world. Here is a pelican with a broken wing. Poor thing.

8) The grim reality of life - you live and then you die.

9) Pelicanomic Wisdom: While you live, reach for the sky! 

10) Dauphin Island Pier, where they used to fish, is now landlocked by sand. Pier shadows stretch across the sand.

11) Big heron that didn't seem too worried about the close proximity of the girl and the girl had enough respect not to taunt or chase the heron.

12) I 'm not the only person that likes to watch sunsets.

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