Saturday, June 04, 2011

06/04/2011 - Grandman Triathlon

Header image. A wave of swimmers in shallow water are still bouncing on the bottom instead of swimming. David in the kayak can be seen in the background watching the swimmers.

1) Sunrise over Mobile Bay.

2) A few ducks on a stump. The staging area for the Grandman Triathlon can be seen in the background at Fairhope Pier.

3) This baby duck did not seem concerned by the nearby swimmers.

4) Today's paddle was a volunteer paddle to watch over Grandman Triathlon swimmers in Mobile Bay - to be there if they needed us, and there were a bunch of them!

5) A traffic jam wave of swimmers goes by as Harriet keeps a eye on them. Harriet is the leader of the kayak volunteers. Thanks for all you do!

6) There were over a dozen kayakers on the course watching for swimmers who might be having a problem.

7) Danny is in the front kayak and David is in the kayak behind the swimmers, both watching for any swimmers that stray from the course or need assistance.

8) Harriet keeping a watchful eye on the densely packed swimmers.

9) The swimming portion of a triathlon can overwhelm some participants. Swimmers grab onto kayaks when they get tired. This lady decided to call it quits. A member of the search and rescue boat extends a hand to the tired swimmer to pull her out of the water.

10) Since I was in Fairhope, I decided to paddle up Fly Creek and crossed paths with three groups of paddlers.

11) The water in Fly Creek clears the further up you go. It is cool to watch 1 to 2 foot long fish glide by.

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