Thursday, June 09, 2011

06/09/2011 - Moore Creek

"Man is a blind, witless, low brow, anthropocentric clod who inflicts lesions upon the earth."
---Ian McHarg

Header photo - a horse and a bird having breakfast together.

1) Sunrise at the entrance to Moore Creek.

2) Moore Creek has some reptiles larger than I thought it had. This alligator had to be about 7-8 feet long. <Update: This alligator is now dead. Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources killed it for eating a dog which should have been fenced in or on a leash to begin with.>

3) End of the line on Moore Creek at the waterfall.

4) In behind the sheets of cascading water there are plants growing.

5) Some type of Rush backlit by the sunrise.

6) Every time I stopped to take photos and brushed against vegetation, ants found a way onto the kayak. Thankfully they are not fire ants.

7) Horses are majestic animals that I love to watch.

8) The reddish bird was quite beautiful. Anyone know what kind of birds these are?

9) The realities of Moore Creek are sad, hence my pome:

10) Yucko!


Oh scummy tides, of plastic litter,
sticking out like a sore thumb,
Lining shorelines everywhere,
makes man look awfully dumb!
American waterways,
idiots shed their waste on thee,
And hide from the truth by denial,
from polluted creeks to the plastic sea.

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