Thursday, June 30, 2011

06/30/2011 - Dog River Sunrise Pedal

Header image shows an adult Muscovy Duck (red face) with its babies.

1) The sun pinks up the jet contrails on this last day of June.

2) A photo merge of my fantastic vantage point this morning. It was like a big colorful eyelash in the sky.

3) A single duck paddles across the water.

4) An egret and a heron take advantage of the sewer pipe that still blocks Bolton Branch and Eslava Creek.

5) This morning's sunrise was scummy at this location.

6) Speaking of scummy, I hope everyone enjoys eating their Alabama Seafood. Yum Yum, wouldn't you just love to take a drink of water or eat a fish from Dog River?

7) A pair of osprey eagles. One looks like a baby.

8) Have you ever had a tickle on the end of your nose?

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