Tuesday, June 21, 2011

06/21/2011 - Summer Solstice Sunrise Spin

Header Image of a sewer pipe crossing. Boat access to Eslava Creek and Bolton Branch can sometimes be blocked by these big pipes.

1) Beautiful pre-sunrise photos of moisture in the air. 

2) It means possible rain later today, on this longest day of the year and first day of Summer.

3) One of two perspectives on the sunrise.

4) Two of two perspectives on the sunrise.

5) It is a gaggle of white chins. The babies have got their colors now.

6) One of the geese was looking up. I wonder if it was enjoying the view of the sky and clouds as much as I was.

7) The interstate I-10 bridge over Dog River. It appears we have had some rain recently based on the trash.

8) One that got away. In the background is a sewer pipe running up Eslava Creek.

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