Friday, June 10, 2011

06/10/2011 - Alligator Bayou

Header photo is the head of a tri-colored heron's showing a lot of subtle colors.

1) Watching the sunrise from under the Dog River Bridge.

2) Another glimpse of the sunrise about 45 minutes later in Alligator Bayou. Some nice clouds kept the heat down for a little while.

3) I pedaled up to the Nursery canals hoping there might be flowers lining the bank, but the bank was bare.

4) In another canal, there were some flowering plants but they were a good distance away from the shoreline so there were no reflections on the surface of the water.

5) A wonderful person decided to build their patio around a huge tree rather than cut it down. My compliments to those involved!

6) Another tree is so big that the majestic limbs hang down into the water. Do you see the yellow crowned night heron?

7) Speaking of herons, here is a tri-colored heron about to scarf up a minnow.

8) A close up of a virginia saltmarsh mallow or seashore marshmallow flower (Kosteletzkya virginica). How are you suppose to pronounce Kosteletzkya? 
That's easy - click here, find it and click on it in the list, and listen.

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