Wednesday, June 22, 2011

06/22/2011 - Lower Mobile River

Header image is a dredging operations utility boat cruising down Mobile River. The Mobile Container Port is visible in the background.

1) Winds were running about 15 mph, but in the summer time, thunderstorms can drastically increase wind speeds. I was hoping for stronger winds but the winds decreased after I started.

2) There is often dredging operations going on in Mobile River. Stay clear of dredging operations because the vessel moves side to side rather than straight ahead like most ships.

3) The NOAA ship Oregon II is a research vessel.

4) An interesting view of the ship Helix. The command center deck is barely visible. The marvels of ship engineering are astounding.

5) The highly touted 70 percent chance of thunderstorms fizzled out to a bland sky.

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