Wednesday, June 15, 2011

06/15/2011 - Lesser and Greater Lights

Header image is of a yellow crowned night heron.

1) The lesser light quickly disappeared beneath the horizon and it was a beautiful moonset which I hadn't expected to see.

2) Not long after, the greater light quickly appeared above the horizon. It was fantastic to get to see both this morning. Life is good.

3) Sunrise near the Dog River Bridge.

4) A scorching sunrise with a pelican silhouetted on a piling. I've added a new link to the Weather section called "Air Quality" as an additional aid for trip planning. Today's air quality forecast for Mobile is "Unhealthy for sensitive groups."

5) A crew is off to work in the early morning being transported by the boat Margaret M. At least it is cooler near the water compared to inland.

6) These ducks were having a serious breakfast on the bank of Perch Creek or maybe this is the way to stay cool headed on a hot morning.

7) A neat looking reflection on the water rotated 90 degrees. What you see is left to your imagination.

8) A white ibis was crabbing and caught a few little ones.

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