Friday, June 24, 2011

06/24/2011 - Scenic Moore Creek

Header image - posterior view of an alligator as it swims down the creek.

1) Was hoping to see a lot of colors on the clouds this morning but it fizzled out.

 2) Never did see the sun on this paddle trip, but thankfully, that kept the temperatures cooler.

3) Felt like something big was looking at me. Paddled over to see what it was. Trash...

4) It can raise the hair on a person's neck when something big, leaving a trail of bubbles, goes cruising by in a narrow creek an arm's length away, just below the surface of the water. Alligators usually aren't this bold.

5) A short while later, I confirmed who the bubble butt was - it was the big daddy alligator of Moore Creek.

6) Big daddy made his presence known by violently going below the surface of the water when he saw the kayak.

7) Lubber grasshoppers are changing colors.

8) The humps of dumps have taken over Moore Creek because of recent storm water runoff. It breaks my heart to see this.

9) The sad reality of Scenic Moore Creek after a rain, but, hope is on the horizon as there are plans to have a bandalong litter trap installed on Moore Creek. If you want to help fund this project to put an end to scenes like this, Click Here.

10) Moore Creek just north of the Interstate.

11) The power of lightning is stunning - it shredded this tree.

12) Near the end of the paddle, the clouds started giving way to beautiful blue skies.

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