Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/11/2011 - Perch Creek

Launch: Home
Destination: Perch Creek
Distance: 16 Miles (round trip).
Time Paddling: 4-3/4 hours
Weather: Mist and drizzle. Temp 66 degrees. Winds 5-10 mph out of the northwest. Low tide. No current. Waves less than a foot. Water temp 77 degrees.

Header Image is a photo of White Ibis in flight.

Started off in the dark this morning. Some places along the river put out bright lights making it difficult to see until you get past them. Some people refer to it as light pollution and say it is a global threat that destroys our view of the heavens, wastes money and natural resources and provides absolutely no benefit to society.

A snowy egret.

Groundseltree shrubs (Baccharis angustifolia) are in bloom. Also known as False Willow or Saltbrush. What you might not know is Baccharis is dioecious meaning the male and female flowers are on separate plants.

The female flowers of Baccharis (shown here) have tufts of silky bristles about a half inch long while the male flower bristles are about half as long and are usually enclosed tightly in bracts.

The cormorant stretches out for a pose.

A little blue and a little purple heron in flight.

Sure wish the waters would have been glass smooth for this shot of a wood duck.

White Ibis were in the water right in front of me as I rounded a corner in Perch Creek. We were all a little startled. The Ibis furthest to the back had just caught a crab.

Aren't nutria the absolute cutest things? Hehehe.

(Just kidding.) No so cute from this angle.

Since the bird book says Clapper Rails frequent salt marshes and King Rails frequent freshwater marshes, I'm thinking this is a Clapper Rail since this is a salt water marsh.

If you ever wonder how I get some of those clear photos of birds that are posted here, close proximity is the answer. This clapper rail came out of the needlerush and paid no attention to my presence. It seemed to be impressed with the kayak. I took photos, slowly backed up and it never flew away. Sometimes you get lucky - that's how or the Creator decides to steer a critter near you for some reason.

Golden rod flowers nestled among a yaupon shrub brightened a rather drizzly day.

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