Sunday, October 16, 2011

10/16/2011 - Halls Mill Creek and Cypress Shores

Launch: Home
Destination: Halls Mill Creek and Cypress Shores area.
Distance: 15 Miles (round trip).
Time Paddling: 4-3/4 hours
Weather: Sunny. Temp in the 80s. Winds 5-10 mph. Tide low to rising. Minimal current. Waves less than 1 foot. Water temp about 77 degrees.

Header Image. May the smiling face on this one legged water skier give you all hope.

A duck crossed in front of the kayak in a peculiar way- it could barely keep its head out of the water.

I followed it to land and then understood why - it had a broken right leg and it struggled to walk to get to its family.

Then, several times today I saw the same Great Egret because when it flew, its right leg dragged in the water. It too had a leg problem.

There was a lot of boat traffic today and one skier was doing all sorts of awesome flips and twists. I didn't mind the boat wake for this type of performance going on in front of me.

This water skier was catching some serious air.

After looking at today's photos more closely at home, I was completely astounded. Everything I was taking photos of today had leg problems. The water skier had a prosthetic leg and I never saw it until reviewing the photos on the computer. I don't know who he is and I hope he doesn't mind me posting these photos of him. What his photos represent is that of hope. Life can be fun and rewarding despite pain and suffering. If you are down and out, feeling hopeless, and feeling pain, don't give up. The things you can accomplish with the right attitude are amazing. This water skier is a prime example of things that can be done regardless of the bad things that happen to people.

Cardinal Flowers are still in bloom.

This stump reflection rotated 90 degrees serves as a reminder that Halloween is about two week away.

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