Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10/19/2011 - Rabbit Creek

Launch: Home
Destination: Rattlesnake Bayou and Rabbit Creek
Distance: 12 Miles (round trip).
Time Pedaling: 3 hours
Weather: Sunny. Temp 60 degrees. Winds 10-20 mph mostly out of the west. Tide dropping. Minimal current. Waves less than 1 foot. Water temp about 77 degrees.

Header Image I think is a photo of the head of a Tri-colored Heron.

Anywhere near open water the winds were steady with occasional gusts but much less than the gale force winds the forecast had called for.

In more protected waters, the wind was barely noticeable. The water was warmer than the air so if the hands got cold, a quick dip into the water warmed them up.

A tri-colored heron stands on a lichen cover limb in a tree full of Spanish moss.

An osprey eagle soars aloft in the winds.

Seagulls on the water and in the air.

A brown pelican takes off after an unsuccessful dive into the water for food.

Awakened by a kayaker with a camera, the duck stretches it's body to get the blood flowing so it can move.

This was an interesting wooden canoe modified into a sailboat. Some high quality workmanship here.

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