Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/12/2011 - Moore Creek

Launch: Home
Destination: Moore Creek
Distance: 9 Miles (round trip).
Time Paddling: 2-3/4 hours
Weather: Mostly cloudy. Temp 68 degrees. Winds mostly calm. Tide going down. No current. Slick water surface. Water temp 76 degrees.

Header image is a photo of me taking a photo of the sunrise.

Here I am enjoying the wonderful fall weather temperature while immersed in the morning sunrise on Dog River.

Yellow-Crowned Night Herons have wild looking eyes.

There is a low dredge pipe completely crossing Moore Creek just north of Lee Street. 

I wondered why dredging equipment always blocks the creek and got the answer today from some workers who showed up. The dredge material is pumped to the east side of the creek but the workers have to use the west side to access the dredge equipment because they only have right of way for their vehicles on that side. I have no problem scootching under the dredge pipe but there isn't much room to spare.

There are some Koi that frequent Moore Creek, including one that local fisherman call, "The Albino," which is white and larger than this orange Koi or goldfish. I wonder if they are edible...

A great egret fishes in the area of the waterfalls by Halls Mill Road.

Upper Moore Creek, north of the dredge pipe, is a pleasure to paddle right now due to the dense coverage of so many different wildflowers.

Narrow leaf yellow aster.

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