Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22/2011 - Clean Up The Bottom Failure

Launch: Gulf Lumber Landing
Waterway at Launch: Three Mile Creek
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: One Mile Creek to participate in the Clean Up The Bottom event.
Time picking up trash: 4 hours
Weather: Sunny and warm. Slight breeze. Tide very low. Current negligible. Waters slick. It was a beautiful day.

Photo taken BEFORE the Clean Up The Bottom event, on Oct 13th.

Photo taken AFTER the Clean Up The Bottom event, on Oct 22nd.
The Clean Up The Bottom event, in reference to One Mile Creek and the Maple Street canal was as effective as someone using a squirt gun to clean a cattle hauling trailer that hasn't been cleaned in a decade. To be blunt, it didn't remove much shit.

My gratitude goes to Mobile Bay National Estuary Program for trying to get One Mile Creek cleaned up. It is going to take much more than a 4 hour cleanup with a handful of people to remove the huge amount of trash that the City of Mobile has allowed to flow into the waterway and adjacent bottom lands for years. It doesn't take a lot of money to legislate a ban on styrofoam and sign into law plastic bottle bill legislation. How can Mobile hold BP accountable for pollution when Mobile allows their own creeks look like this? Shame on Mobile leaders and Sam Jones.

Today has really influenced me. The kayaking community was asked to help make a difference on this small one mile creek and only one kayaker that I know of, Marty, came out to help. I had expected dozens but what is that old saying, "expectations lead to disappointment."

I've been spending way too much time blogging about kayaking trips and ranting about litter. No need for me to rant any more - many of the photos on this blog document the reality of the intensity of local pollution. Mankind has long held the belief that humans are a higher species created in the image of God and are the most intelligent animal on Earth. You only need to kayak in Mobile's One Mile Creek to realize that belief is seriously flawed. The number one killer on Earth right now is, no surprise, "Dirty Water," and water born illness is becoming more common in America. Should disaster ever happen in America, you may be forced to drink water from creeks like this.

I feel the need to change priorities. Sorry to disappoint regular visitors to this site - there will be no more posts on here this year. I've also removed the links because no one will be maintaining them. I will leave comments up, but it may be weeks or months before I get around to moderating them (posting them).

Here is a link to a video report made 10 years ago: The Synthetic Sea  Fast forward ten years and look at One Mile Creek. Ignoring the problem is not the solution. Mankind will eventually reap what it sows. Unfortunately, other life on this earth suffers because humans can't live without their disposable plastics and that makes me weep. Here is a startling video of what one current day Albatross bird consumed as the contents of its stomach are examined.  Albatross Diet

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