Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14/2011 - Upper Dog River

Launch: Home
Destination: Upper Dog River
Distance: 15 Miles (round trip).
Time Paddling: 5 hours
Weather: Sunny. Temp in the 80s. Winds 5-10 mph out of the northeast. Tide rising. No current. Waves less than 1 foot. Water temp 77 degrees.

Header Image - baby Muscovy Ducks.

It is a tree rat peering out from behind Spanish Moss.

A red-eye'd American Coot.

A red-eye'd American Coot up close.
A small diving bird - maybe a grebe?

Ooo, Ooo, got one!

Ooo, Ooo, got one!

An osprey eagle doing a dive toward the water. Check out those serious looking claws.

The same osprey using its claws as a fish hook.

A great blue heron.

Weird - an old rusted motor and an old fish on a corroding battery.

Reflections from the water splash a design on the culvert's ceiling.

Today's sunset on Dog River.

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