Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/18/2011 - One Mile Creek

Launch: Gulf Lumber Landing
Waterway at Launch: Three Mile Creek
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: One Mile Creek and the Maple Street canal to open up access across blocked areas for the scheduled October 22 Clean Up The Bottom event.
Distance: 3-3/4 miles (round trip).
Time Paddling: 1-1/2 hours
Weather: Sunny and warm. Slight breeze. Tide falling. Current less than 0.5 mph. Waters slick. It was a beautiful day though a bit humid.

Header Image is a photo of White Ibis.

Baby insect eaters (spiders) in the shoreline vegetation.

Will rakes away a vegetation clot blocking the Maple Street canal.

I used an old handsaw to cut through the thicker grass. It was dirty work. There is a layer of trash underneath the grasses.

Diligent work for about an hour led to success. We had opened a channel through the weedberg.

Tom and Will head back out to One Mile Creek.

Where does all the trash that ends up in the waterway come from? Here is one source: Conception Street. The property owners of this location are the City of Mobile (right-of-way), and Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. This litter is a violation of Mobile municipal code.

Do you see a dozen White Ibis in this tree?

Will and Tom paddle on Three Mile Creek and pass by a limb overhanging the water with three White Ibis on it.

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